Mademoiselle Coco

Mademoiselle Coco

Feisty but sweet. She loves people and engages sweetly with everybody she meets.

Josie Is Beyond Adorable

She is cuddly, calm and sooo social. I adore her. Thank you so much for the care you gave this little love bug.
Abby is a truly wonderful little girl!

Abby Is Wonderful

She is super loving, attentive, playful and alert. Thank you for starting the socialization process so beautifully!
Stefanie P.
Santa Barbara Girl

Living The Good Life In Santa Barbara

Sugar in Black Mtn

Sugar and The Country Girl in Black Mountain

Lily Is New To NJ

Lily In New Jersey

I’ve interviewed so many Maltese breeders and you were exactly what I was looking for.
Amazing Gracie

She's Perfect!

Gracie is doing great! She has been such a joy! She’s perfect. Thank you so much!”🐾💕 Jane

Blessed In Virginia

Piper has been with us for almost 3 weeks and everyday she makes us laugh. She has so much personality! We love her so much and know we are blessed to have found her. Jean was so wonderful to work with. It was meant to be❤️

Celeste Hits 3 lbs

Celeste Hits 3 Pounds!

So sweet! She goes everywhere with us and charms folks everywhere we go. We love her!

Mochi in China

Just picked up my Maltese puppy at the airport in Philadelphia. He is the BEST puppy and Jean is the MOST thoughtful, responsible and ethical breeder I’ve ever seen.

Happy in Tennessee

What can I say? She is absolutely perfect and we love her so much. She is treated like a princess in our house.
Bella & Angelina

Bella & Angelina Are Happy In Pittsburgh

Bella and Angelina are settling in nicely in their new home! Thank you so much for everything! 🐶

Buster in South Carolina

Buster has been the perfect birthday present for my daughter. We are smitten!

Perfect Little Princess

Lily rules the house …
all 3 pounds of her! Priceless!
Aimee H.

Feeling The Love in South Korea

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